(Note: This video training and the notes below are from my Content Marketing Machine Online Course. More info on the full program coming soon!)

When it comes to creating content that engages, entertains and inspires your target audience, there is a very specific method to the madness!

This video and the notes below provide a specific, repeatable outline you can follow time and again to create content that converts prospects into paying customers.

Important: Watch the video on this page FIRST, and then utilize the notes below to remind you of the key tips and formulas to follow moving forward.

Key Lessons / Reminders:

  • 5 Steps to Irresistible Content
    • STEP 1: Choose Topic (Use 1 Question Survey Results)
    • STEP 2: Write Headline First
    • STEP 3: Topic + Personal Story = Your Content
    • STEP 4: Elements of Story (Hero’s Journey, Inject Emotion, etc.)
      • Story is the Delivery Vehicle for your facts & information.
      • 3 Step Formula: What it was like. What happened. What it’s like now.
      • Make the Audience the HERO of the story!
        • Audience = Luke Skywalker (Hero)
        • You = Yoda (Guide)
      • The Audience Cares About THEMSELVES – Morning, Noon, and after Dinner
      • Start with a Personal Story, but always pivot back to the Audience. (“You can do it, too!”)
      • Remember to Inject Emotion and utilize the “Six Pack” —
        • Humor
        • Enthusiasm
        • Shocking
        • Unexpected
        • Emotional
        • Inspiring
    • STEP 5: Content Structure (4 Parts)
      • Hook / Introduction
      • Nut Graph (“Here’s what you’re going to discover…”)
      • Meat / Training
      • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Headline Tips
    • Target Audience / Niche Headline Formula =
      • Target Audience Name + Your Service + Benefit They Want
      • (Example Headline) = “3 Ways Chiropractors Can Leverage Online Video To Land New Patients!”
    • Headline Elements / Types
      • Curiosity (“The #1 Secret to …”)
      • Functional / How To (“How To Get…”)
      • Simple (“The 1 Simple Way To …”)
      • Lists / Numbers (“7 Ways To…”)
      • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) (“Are You Making This Massive Mistake…”)
      • Shocking / Unexpected (“Why Losing Email Subscribers Is Actually a Great Thing!”)
      • Benefit / Promise (“The Easy Way To Add New Clients Using…”)
      • Aspirational (“The Simple Secret To Becoming a ‘Big Deal’ Online…”)
  • When writing headlines, pay attention to your platform!
    • YouTube = Functional / How To Headlines (YouTube = World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine, owned by Google)
    • Email Subject Lines = Conversational & Curiosity
    • Blog Posts = Mix of Functional and Curiosity
    • Audio = Big Benefit or Promise

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The author of 8 books, John is a former Associated Press Reporter, Talk Radio Producer, Award-Winning PR Director and Social Media Consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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    • Michael O'Mara

      Great stuff always enjoy everything you share and teach!

    • Della Menechella

      Great information as usual. I took 4 pages of notes and I just ordered the book. I also posted the link to this training in one of my online business forums.

    • Debbie Hart

      Great information. Definitely want the book.

      • marketmachine

        Music to my ears, Debbie! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book!

    • Gary Patterson

      Getting after it – as you suggest, am using your headline for next months ezine for my narrow niche of business leaders who want to more money : take less risk.

      The Big Mistake You Are Probably Making With Compliance (And How To Fix It)

    • Mary

      Very informative, John. Thank you for all you do for us. I have been learning so much from several sources that I feel a bit overwhelmed. Much of the learnings are how to do things online…which is different from my hands on work as a healer. But, I want to develop an online business, or at least get people to visit other new parts of my work that I am moving in to. I have to reach further than my local audience, but it still has to be in some form of healing. My head is swimming 🏊‍♀️
      I don’t know how to add videos, or pictures that move, to my stories, I.e. you bouncing kids into the water and it keeps repeating itself. How can I learn that?

      • marketmachine

        Thanks so much Mary! I do cover in depth in the full online training course (Content Marketing Machine) all the ways to MAKE that type of content … for the image of my boys bouncing into the water, for example, I took a home video and turned it into a GIF using an online tool. Just Google “how to make a GIF” and you’ll find free sites where you can upload a snippet of video and turn it into a GIF. 🙂

    • Amit Chilka

      Hey John,

      Loved the article. Thanks for sharing

    • Sue Porter

      Great information, John. Thank you very much. As always, your video was full on great content, actionable steps we can take right now to be successful, and of course, intrigue about what’s in your course. Giving the best first, I think I know and understand this principle. Way to go! Sue

    • Liz Nellis

      Great video. Missed seeing your smiling face for a moment of two.

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