This is a simple, foolproof formula you can use time and again to (A) create valuable content, (B) set yourself apart from the competition and (C) help people get to know, like & trust you!

Here’s how it works:


Key Lessons / Reminders:

  • The Secret Source is … YOU!
    • Your Unique Personality
    • Your Unique Communication Style
    • Your Unique Presence
  • There is only one YOU on this planet, and utilizing your unique story, communication style and personality helps you stand out in a crowded online marketplace.
    • Avoid the “Sea of Sameness” that you see in so much generic online content by infusing your personality into the content you create. (This approach also makes you Memorable, Relatable and Likable.)
    • Remember, you are marketing to HUMAN BEINGS. To their core, Human Beings are relational, and need to get to Know, Like and Trust you in order to engage with and buy from you.
    • “There’s truth in the cliché, ‘Just be yourself,’ Showing your humanness when you present is a great way to stand out. It’s a quality that’s totally lacking in most presentations today – even though the entire audience consists of humans! What people are really looking for when they sit down at a presentation is some kind of human connection.” – Nancy Duarte, Resonate
  • Infusing Your Personality into Content = Telling Personal Stories
    • Have an Anecdote for Every Occasion
    • Stories resonate and help your audience encode and remember information. Stories also make you Memorable and Relatable.
    • “Personal stories are an important part of most great presentations. There will be times in your presentation when you want your audience to feel a specific emotion. One way to do this is to talk about a time when you felt that very same emotion. This technique establishes a connection between you and the audience that’s sincere and credible. A catalog of personal stories related to various emotions can be a helpful resource.” – Nancy Duarte, Resonate
  • Get Over Yourself!
    • Ignore self-doubt, fear and lies like “I’m not talented enough” or “I don’t know how to do it well.”
    • If you can Communicate … then you can create Content.
    • Just “bottle up” your best self and put that out as content! Think about how you talk to a client or prospect who asks for advice on a certain strategy or wants a desired outcome. What would you tell them? How would you explain things? That type of conversation becomes the basis for the content you create.
    • Also look at how well you tell stories via 1-on-1 conversations with clients, friends and family members. Tap into that part of yourself (comfortable, conversational, etc.) to create the type of storytelling skills that will resonate with your audience online.
  • It needs to be YOU. Do not outsource the most valuable part of your business and personal brand when creating content! When you create content, it needs to be:
    • Your voice.
    • Your stories.
    • Your anecdotes.
    • Your life lessons.
      • When you create and share this type of content that’s infused with your personality and unique style of speaking, etc., you will win clients and customers for life!

The Formula = Topic + Personal Story = Your Content

  • With Your Personal Stories, include: 
    • Vulnerability. Authenticity. Transparency. 
    • What it was like. What happened. What things are like now.
    • Be unique. Don’t copy someone else’s personality or writing style. 
    • The biggest advantage you have in the online marketplace is your own unique life story and personality – nobody else can replicate it when it comes to creating content online.
  • Example – Taking a Trip to the Garbage Dump
    • Topic (Mindset) + Personal Story (Garbage Dump) = Content

Video Content Tips

  • Utilize “everyday life” moments – out on a walk, on location at an event or conference, etc.
  • Selfie Videos work great!

Audio Content Tips

  • Share personal anecdotes and stories to illustrate a strategy or explain a topic.
  • Become a Storyteller!

Visual Content Tips

  • Utilize real-life, behind-the-scenes photos of yourself to remind others of what you do (speaking, coaching, meeting with a client, etc.)
  • Also utilize historical images from a time period in your life (childhood, previous career, etc.) to tell a story or teach a lesson. (People love authenticity!)

Authentic, Personality Driven Approach =

  • You stand out in the marketplace
  • You become unique and memorable
  • You attract people who like your style
  • You repel people who aren’t a good fit for your business or brand

Examples of Personality-Driven Content